Episcopal Pulse Survey

The Episcopal Pulse is a research initiative piloted by The FaithX Project and TryTank Experimental Laboratory, aimed at understanding the heartbeat of The Episcopal Church. ECF is proud to partner with FaithX to continue this program and gain insight into the health and hope of our church.

Exploring Episcopal Pulse

In 2022, TryTank Experimental Laboratory and The FaithX Project introduced the Episcopal Pulse experiment — a series of 39 weekly, 2-minute micro-surveys. These concise surveys featured 1-2 thought-provoking questions and engaged ordained and lay Episcopalians from all walks of life.

Diving Deeper

Building on the experiment’s success, ECF is thrilled to partner with FaithX to continue the Episcopal Pulse as a monthly 5-minute micro-survey in 2024. The Pulse will dive deeper into the topics explored in the pilot, giving ECF and FaithX insights on the most pressing topics facing our church today. These learnings will enrich our resources for congregational leaders and enhance our programs to better serve local Episcopal communities.

Becoming an Episcopal Pulse Member

At the heart of the Episcopal Pulse are our dedicated respondents — individuals who understand the importance of contributing to the ongoing conversation within our church. Whether you are ordained or lay, your insights are vital. The Episcopal Pulse relies on the wisdom and experiences of our community to guide us toward a more vital future.

Members of the Episcopal Pulse will:

  • Contribute their wisdom to shape ECF/FaithX programs and resources supporting Episcopal communities and congregational leadership.
  • Receive a free ‘sneak peek’ of survey results shared back with them when they receive their next survey.
  • Enter a monthly draw for a gift from one of our partners as a token of appreciation for sharing their thoughts.

Join the Pulse

Ready to make your voice heard? Click below to join the Episcopal Pulse community. Your insights matter, and together, we can create a stronger, more vital future for The Episcopal Church.

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Frequently Asked

How and when will I receive the survey?

Each month starting in 2024, a survey will be sent to you via email, the one you provide in the sign-up form.

Who can I talk to if I have an idea for a survey topic?

We gladly welcome your suggestions! You can submit your idea by emailing [email protected].

How will I know if I win the monthly draw for a gift from one of the Episcopal Pulse partners?

If you win, we'll send you a congratulatory email, and you'll have one week to claim your gift. We'll work with you to ensure you receive it promptly. If unclaimed within the one-week timeframe, we will re-draw for another winner.

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