Episcopal Pulse Partners

The Episcopal Pulse Survey is made possible through our incredible partners! Learn more about them here

The FaithX Project

FaithX’s mission is to enable congregations to improve their vitality and sustainability by more deeply understanding and more effectively engaging the neighborhoods they serve. They do this by providing congregations and dioceses with the tools and strategies they require to assess their own strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots; to explore neighborhood missional opportunities and challenges; and leverage their strengths to engage those opportunities.

ECF is proud to partner with FaithX on several projects, but especially on the Episcopal Pulse, where we collaborate on research strategy and focus. Read more about ECF’s partnership with FaithX here: https://www.ecf.org/partnerships/faithx

TryTank Experimental Laboratory

TryTank is a lab for church innovation and a project of Virginia Theological Seminary and the General Theological Seminary. TryTank offers inventive approaches to the challenges facing The Episcopal Church. Their mission is simple: to help the church innovate as a way of following the Holy Spirit through learning, innovation, leadership, and creating change.

In 2022, TryTank partnered with FaithX to pilot the Episcopal Pulse as a weekly micro-survey among Episcopalians across the church. (It was a big success)

Episcopal News Service

Episcopal News Service (ENS) offers in-depth reporting of local, regional, national and international news for Episcopalians and others interested in the church’s mission and ministry. Episcopal News Service is the official news source of the Episcopal Church.

We are excited to work with ENS to extend the reach of our Pulse insights. We also invite you to subscribe to the ENS daily email newsletter to receive current news relating to our church and mission!

Earth & Altar

We are proud to partner with Earth & Altar and encourage you to subscribe to their content. In it, you will find reflections on theology, history, liturgy, preaching, spirituality, church practice, and the arts that are accessible to the thoughtful non-specialist for the good of the church and God’s mission in the world.

Earth & Altar especially seeks to provide a platform for voices traditionally on the margins of the church because of age, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and geography.


ChurchNext is an online Christian learning site where you can go to hear from expert teachers in Scripture, liturgy, and important Christian topics. Students can interact in a safe, environment that’s convenient, engaging, and affordable.

ChurchNext designs their courses to work for individuals learn actively and socially, despite the courses being online. Classes are laced with interactive components – and why half of their courses are specifically designed to be used in group settings. Check them out! You may find that they have just what you or your congregation needs...

Callie Swanlund – Wholehearted Studios

The Rev. Callie Swanlund is an Episcopal priest serving half time in a church and devoting her other time to being a “priestpreneur.” She created a film and resource for formation/evangelism How2charist: Digital Instructed Eucharist and leads individuals and groups in the work of Dr. Brené Brown as a Certified Daring Way Facilitator. Callie is a mama, creator, lover, and dreamer who is currently building a missional initiative called The Epiphany Space for others to discover and use their creative gifts. Callie Swanlund has generously agreed to share merchandise from her online store, Wholehearted Studios, for the Episcopal Pulse monthly drawing prizes! Find out more at CallieSwanlund.com.

Molly Carnes – Worship Like Catholics, Think Like Hippies

Molly Carnes is an Episcopal priest and activist hailing from Texas and focused on the fight to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ Americans. We are proud to feature her work and gift her Episco-Hippie merch in our monthly drawings!