Legacy Sunday

Welcome to Legacy Sunday! Your church can raise awareness of planned giving and estate planning for your congregation through a Legacy Sunday event. These materials offer guidance and support to plan and pull off an informative, relationship-building gathering. Your Legacy Sunday event can be the first step toward building a culture of planned giving that can extend your church’s ministry for many years to come.

To begin, please read the introductory letter to Legacy Sunday. Once you’ve set a date for your event, be sure to email ECF to add your event to the Legacy Sunday roster and to receive pointers for a follow-up event to keep your momentum going.

Here are the resources you will need for planning your Legacy Sunday event:

Please click on the links to guide you through this process so that you will be ready to have a Legacy Sunday. If you need help with any of links or have any questions, please contact ECF at 800-697-2858 or by email.

Additional resources for Legacy Sunday planning

This document can be helpful in determining the differences between the types of planned gifts that ECF offers.


These webinars are for possible use at your Legacy Sunday adult forum:

Making a Planned Gift to Your Congregation – a great webinar for potential donors


Fulfilling Your Wishes: Planning for the End of Life.

All of ECF’s Planned Giving Booklets and Brochures are available to order from Forward Movement. To order pre-printed copies of these materials to have on hand for your Legacy Sunday event, please visit Forward Movement's website.


ECF has compiled this list of scripture to encourage giving. It might be used to inspire sermon thoughts on Legacy Sunday. Other resources for sermons include:

Future Planning

ECF's comprehensive toolkit, Planned Giving on Demand provides easy-to-use resources to help you launch and sustain a planned giving program in your church, all in one place. A combination of printed and online resources, Planned Giving on Demand will walk with you through every step of the way to establish, enhance, and sustain an effective planned giving ministry. Click here to order your parish's copy.