Planned Giving

Healthy and vibrant future ministries in Episcopal congregations, schools, and other organizations will be built upon the legacies we leave today. Many of our Episcopal institutions exist because past generations cared so much about the future of the Episcopal Church and expressed their caring by creating planned gifts. ECF has provided planned giving services to the Episcopal Church since 1995. We have distributed more than $25 million in planned gifts to Episcopal dioceses, congregations, and organizations nationwide, and we manage over $40 million in charitable gifts.

Ways ECF assists individuals in supporting their parish or other Episcopal ministry through planned giving.

ECF is committed to helping Episcopalians support their parishes and any other Episcopal organizations through planned gifts. We can answer all your questions and help you make choices that best serve your charitable needs:

Explore different kinds of planned gifts by calling us at 800-697-2858 or visiting

Contact an ECF representative for assistance with illustrations of life income gifts including charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and pooled income funds. Call us at 800-697-2858 or email us at [email protected].

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Episcopal Institutions
If you are a congregation, diocese, or other Episcopal organization, ECF can help you establish, enhance, and sustain an effective planned giving program to ensure resources will be available to fund vital future ministries.

Planned giving is a ministry that is vital to any congregation, diocese, or Episcopal charity not only because it can help ensure the future of your organization, but also because it offers your members the opportunity to make a final testament about the importance of their Christian faith.

ECF can assist you every step of the way in developing your program, and equipping you with the resources you need to get results.

Contact ECF at [email protected] or 800-697-2858 for more information.

Our services include:

Planned Giving on Demand

ECF’s planned giving web-based toolkit is your guide to developing an effective planned giving ministry. Planned Giving on Demand can be ordered through Forward Movement (800-543-1813).

Education & Planning

Workshops and webinars to sharpen your vision and mission for endowments or planned giving.

Expert guidance to create a legacy society.

Effective endowment practices, policies, and asset management.


Informational brochures and booklets can be downloaded free; printed copies can be purchased through Forward Movement (800-543-1813).

A free planned giving e-newsletter for donors.

Donor website with information and articles on many different planned gifts, including the ability to create life income gift illustrations:

Funding Future Ministry, a practical guide for implementing a planned giving program, available in printed and e-book formats through Forward Movement (800-543-1813).

Gift Administration

ECF can help create and administer life income gifts by providing:

A full-range of gift options for donors: charitable gift annuities, pooled income funds, and charitable remainder trusts.

Personalized illustrations showing the benefits of specific gifts.

Full administrative services including tax reporting, charitable deduction letters, income payments and asset management.


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