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April 1, 2021 Impact story

Lifegiving Endowments

Is Your Endowment Dead?

An endowment is money set aside to provide long-term support for a church. If you have an endowment, how can you use those funds today in ways that bring life to your church?

An endowment shows the love of donors both for their faith and for the community their faith embraces. How do you tell the stories of your donors?

An endowment provides additional income for a church to add to its budget. How can you reap the investment returns you need for the budget you envision?

An endowment lets church leaders show how responsible they are with church assets. How do you build your congregation’s trust?

And for churches without endowments, what is an endowment anyway? An endowment is simply money set aside to provide support for a church for many years. The church spends a little each year and invests the rest for the future. This allows a church to expand its imagination and impact for years to come.

At ECF, we believe that any church can be an endowed church, and we believe that any endowed church can bring its assets to life. How may we help you?

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