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August 7, 2019 News

August 2019 Vestry Papers: Strategic Visioning

Dear Friends,

For strategic visioning to be successful, several steps need to be actively discerned. Involving all stakeholders from the start, creating a shared mission and vision and setting goals are just a few of these steps. Perhaps the most important is the first – leading with the Spirit and going where you are being called, often when it is inconvenient, difficult and time-consuming. In this issue we bring you ideas from individuals and congregations who were inspired, challenged and positively altered through their visioning processes.

How do we evangelize and mobilize ourselves to be doers in the Jesus Movement? In Stretching Our Strategic Imagination – Part II, Lauren Grubaugh discusses three ways to activate our souls and bodies towards our work in building God’s Beloved Community. This article is available in English and Spanish.

What role does relationship building play in strategic visioning? In Planning Your Work, Working Your Plan James Said narrates his experience with Invite Welcome Connect; a transformational ministry that helped his congregation address their interest in increasing their ASA thoughtfully and sustainably.

Ever felt daunted at the thought of beginning the strategic visioning process? In Five Questions At The Heart of Strategic Planning, Linda Buskirk simplifies the process to core questions that can help you begin your visioning journey with confidence.

In Strategic Planning Is Overrated, Christopher Adams shares the experience of his parish as it navigated a strategic visioning process, learning that listening to the Spirit and creating a common language together can completely transform a congregation.

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Charis Bhagianathan
Editor, ECFVP

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