ECF publications are designed to help Episcopal congregations develop and strengthen their leadership, financial and strategic resource capabilities.

Finance Resource Guide

The Finance Resource Guide (FRG) serves as a handbook for congregations and vestries, providing in-depth financial management practices and principles and promoting year ‘round, theologically driven stewardship. Available in English and Spanish.

Vestry Resource Guide

Whether you’re a first time vestry member or a seasoned veteran, the Vestry Resource Guide offers an approach for leaders of congregations and faith communities to consider and tailor to meet their own needs. Available in English and Spanish.

Funding Future Ministry

This comprehensive manual from ECF ensures that clergy and lay leaders know the most effective ways to encourage legacy gifts, all set in a theological framework.

Planned Giving on Demand

Planned Giving on Demand provides easy-to-use resources to help you launch and sustain a planned giving program in your church, all in one place. A combination of printed and online resources, Planned Giving on Demand will walk with you through every step of the way to establish, enhance, and sustain an effective planned giving ministry.

Beyond the Baptismal Covenant

The future of the Episcopal Church depends on the raising up of fully committed, fully equipped lay leaders. In this empowering book for both lay and clergy, ECF President and author Donald Romanik explains the historical and biblical roots of lay involvement, outlining how to promote lay leadership to change and grow the church.

Money Legacies

This concise volume by ECF President Donald V. Romanik explores the one subject that is still taboo, “especially in church circles and especially among Episcopalians” – money. He explains how "money, and how we spend it, is the clear indication of our values and priorities.” What is your story about money and how does it affect your congregation?