ECF’s Christ-centered mission is to provide Episcopal faith communities with vitalizing holistic tools.

The Leadership team provides innovative programs for both lay and ordained church leaders. These initiatives support efforts on learning opportunities, strong collaborative networks, and financial tools.

Director for Partnerships & Program Innovation
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Insights on leading the church including vestry best practices, recruiting new leaders.

The Leadership Resources team focuses its efforts in the following areas:

Learning Opportunities – The Leadership Resources team offers several bilingual (Spanish and English) programs, including the Congregational Leadership Initiative, the Diocesan Leadership Initiative, and the Pivot program, a new initiative through Trinity Church Wall Street Philanthropies that will provide resources through an online learning platform. These programs offer guided learning modules, inter-congregational engagement, and coaching that sets up leaders to bring about change in their faith communities. Through these programs, participants are equipped to guide their congregations through present and future challenges.

Strong Support Networks– By building upon strong collaborations with FaithX and Gathering of Leaders, we offer structured opportunities to church leaders to collaborate, share successes and failures, and learn from each other in a community of support. Vital grassroot ideas, from mundane efficiencies to radical creativity, are shared in this way.

Financial Resources – Administration of two programs that alleviate financial burden and foster creativity, the Seminary Debt Reduction program and the Fellowship Partners program, further our mission. Both programs support projects and/or leaders who have and will make clear and lasting impacts on the future of the Church. Supported leaders are innovative and define measurable impacts to their work, both immediate and future-focused.

Kelly Brown Douglas on the Fellowship Partners Program