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Bring Your Assets to Life

A well-structured endowment is paramount to sustainable growth through new gifts. When did you last review your policies? ECF advises Episcopal organizations on all aspects of endowment management, including endowment and investment fund structure, donor restrictions, operating policies, and effective governance.

How is your endowment structured to gain trust and grow?
  • Endowment education – We help churches, dioceses, schools, and other organizations understand existing endowment and investment funds and set up new funds, and we educate investment committees and organizational leaders on all aspects of endowment management.
  • Sample policies – We provide sample endowment policies that incorporate best practices and practical experience. Hundreds of Episcopal organizations have used these policies to structure and govern their endowment and investment funds. Please email [email protected] to request a copy.
  • Endowment advice – For organizations that invest with ECF, we advise vestries, boards, and investment committees on a wide range of ongoing issues of endowment oversight, from asset allocation to prudent spending to effective reporting. This helps organizations meet important fiduciary and other legal obligations.
  • Endowment communication – We recommend effective ways to talk about endowment structure, governance, and oversight to engage potential donors and build relationships based on trust.

Please contact us for more information. We would like to learn about you and are happy to provide our sample endowment policies.

Director of Endowment Management
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(347) 803-9389