ECF provides investment management through State Street Global Advisors, one of the world’s largest managers of institutional assets.

State Street brings extensive experience managing charitable assets and endowment funds and has provided investment services – including investment management, custody, and administration – to clients in ECFs endowment management program for more than twenty years.

With ECF, State Street’s portfolio managers help churches manage and use invested funds to advance missional goals, and together we offer various investment options to meet the needs of a wide range of Episcopal organizations:

Program Offerings

We offer individually managed accounts to match church investment goals, including risk tolerance, time horizon and spending needs. We offer pooled investment funds with low minimums for small churches or those just getting started.

Investment Philosophy

State Street centers its approach on asset allocation, investing endowment and other assets in a wide range of asset classes to maximize return while managing risk. It develops broadly diversified portfolios across all major asset classes and uses diversified investment funds in each asset class while keeping costs low.

Investment Strategies

We offer portfolios with active management, all-passive portfolios, and socially responsible options so that with guidance from ECF and State Street churches can select an investment approach that aligns with their goals.

Socially Responsible Investing

We offer several socially responsible options as well as insight and guidance to Episcopal organizations considering how to engage most effectively in Christian stewardship and investment.

Performance Information

Please contact us for sample performance for our individually managed accounts. Here is recent performance for our pooled funds.

Please contact us for more information. We would be pleased to talk about your investment goals.

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