Fellows Class of 2023

The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) is excited to announce the two individuals named to the 2023 Fellows class – Jennifer Holt Enriquez and Elizabeth Riley.

Jennifer Holt Enriquez is an attorney by formal education and her career transition began in 2015 when she began working with children and youth at St. Christopher’s in Oak Park. She completed a lifelong Christian formation training program in 2017 and in the process discerned a call to ministry. Jen began focusing on teaching children skills and giving them tools for finding peace in themselves and their world via Peace Camp in 2017. In 2020 Jen sought a way to talk to kids about racism and in collaboration with Rev. Will Bouvel created Tell Me the Truth About Racism, a set of stories designed to invite children and adults into conversation about the problem of racism through the lens of faith. Jen is mom to middle schoolers Helena and Luke, plus three wiener dogs. She loves morning walks and getting her hands dirty in her garden in her spare time.

Elizabeth Riley is exploring the potential of digital evangelism in the church. With this Fellowship she is developing trainings and tools around digital evangelism to share with the church. Elizabeth will be partnering with communities passionate about exploring these tools to help equip them for this work. Working with ECF, she hopes to continue exploring how best clergy and faith leaders within the Episcopal Church can share our own wisdom and resources with one another through digital means.