Fellows Class of 2021

ECF has named two individuals to the 2021 Fellows class – Cate Anthony and Indon Paul Joo. These innovative and emerging leaders are pairing their expertise with their passion to make a positive impact on the Episcopal Church and beyond.

The Rev. Cate Anthony is Associate Priest at St. Stephen's in Richmond, VA. As a member of the clergy of St. Stephen’s, Cate coordinates the parish's pastoral care ministry, acts as the dedicated clergy presence for anti-racist formation and activism, and helps craft a bold vision for our food ministries (a dream come true for Cate, an aspiring master chef). Prior to moving to Richmond, Cate studied at McGill University, Berkeley Divinity School, and Yale Divinity School. During her time at YDS, Cate’s academic and pastoral work revolved around the activity and questions of reconciliation, trauma, and dialogue in spaces of conflict. As an ECF Fellow, Cate will continue to integrate this work into the practical rhythms of parish ministry, looking to discover how all members of an ideologically, theologically, and politically diverse community like St. Stephen's might authentically and honestly live together.

The Rev. Indon Paul Joo is the Vicar of One In Christ Episcopal Church, Prospect Heights, IL since 1997. He celebrates life with his wife, Youngsook(Deborah), and adult children Hongjong(Isaiah) and Hwanhee(Mary). He grew up in an Anglican family in South Korea. After graduating from Yonsei University with a BA, he studied at St. Michael Seminary, Anglican Church of Korea, and D Min Program at Seabury Western Seminary, IL. He was ordained in the Anglican Church of Korea and served at the Diocesan Center and Cathedral of Seoul then joined the Korean Congregation, Toronto, Canada as Priest in Charge. He has two lifelong passions. One is Christian Formation. He loves to study, write, edit, and compile Christian formation resources. He has published many tracts and books including “Living with Holy Communion”, “Introduction to the Anglicanism”, and “The Lord will reign for ever and ever” into Korean. He loves teaching and training people to be disciples. The second is celebrating one’s life journey and creating a fellowship with others through meals, laughter, and sharing stories. While focusing on church community, Father Joo organized and led pastor’s peer mentoring groups, pastor’s book clubs, and transformed the congregation into a circle of trust. This passion also led him to develop a life coach program, called “Finding Your Sweet Spot” (strengths, passion, core values, and calling), and advocating social justice with a network of Sanctuary Movement among the Korean Churches.

Through the ECF Fellowship, he plans to focus on training and raising up lay and clergy leaders among Korean congregations through the Korean- EfM (Education for Ministry) Program. Currently, One In Christ Church is the first Korean congregation to undertake the EfM program. He and other members have translated EfM Guidebook Year C and will continue translate Years D, A and B into the Korean language. Also, he hopes to contextualize some contents and curriculums with important elements of Korean culture and heritages. Last, he would like to create intensive training courses and an online platform to further share the work. The ECF Fellowship will enhance wider Korean Christian Communities with theological reflective ministry and celebrate life together in Christ.