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August 10, 2023 Impact story

Transforming Ministries: The Power of the Diocesan Vitality Initiative (DVI) Program

The Diocese of Missouri (MO) and the Diocese of the Rio Grande (RG) are two of the four dioceses that joined ECF’s pilot DVI program in 2023. In DVI ECF partners with dioceses in identifying adaptive challenges and creating ways for renewal, redevelopment, and revitalization through a process of Define, Disrupt and Develop. DVI aims to give rise to a more expansive inclusive vital future for the Episcopal Church. These dioceses have started on this transformative journey uncovering valuable insights and beginning to achieve milestones. Their experiences with the DVI program and how it has impacted their ministries so far offer valuable insights for faith communities embarking on a journey of adaptive change.

DVI is helping to find alignment for the MO team with their new vision for the diocese and their strategic plan. They recognize the importance of clarifying how different change initiatives work together, addressing overlaps effectively, and mobilizing their limited resources more efficiently. While in the DVI program, they developed the Requiem and Renaissance program that has sparked interest and become a channel for transformation. The program was created to help parishes face their realities and make hard but necessary decisions for a thriving future.

Meanwhile, the RG team mentioned that disruptions like COVID-19 prepared them to appreciate DVI's focus on managing disruptions as catalysts for change. The program has provided them with a space for reflection, fostering intentionality and accountability within their team.

Both diocesan teams appreciate DVI's process. MO finds the centralized support structure and interactions with other dioceses highly beneficial, while RG values the materials and resources provided, especially adaptive ministry conversations.

DVI's impact goes beyond leveraging disruptions to energize change; it instills resilience in ministries. By sharing experiences and learning from each other's mistakes, dioceses can move forward together, achieving greater progress in their transformative journeys.

DVI is in the process now of selecting four new dioceses for 2024, moving towards a sustainable program and out of the pilot phase.

As these dioceses embrace transformation, we invite you to join and/or support the DVI program. By investing in DVI, individuals and organizations can empower ministries, amplify leadership, and create a stronger, more resilient faith community. Join us on this transformative journey and make a lasting impact on our ministries!

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