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March 8, 2023 News

March 2023 Vestry Papers: Disaster Preparedness

Dear Friends,

While most disasters occur unexpectedly, there is much we can do to prepare ahead for our physical, emotional and even spiritual protection and wellbeing. As we are living in times when unspeakable tragedies are transpiring every day – natural and human-made – we cling to our God, while we do all we can to affect change and protect our families and communities. This issue is full of practical ideas and resources to help get us started on this difficult but important journey. Let us walk it together and learn.

Church Insurance Companies help Episcopal institutions do everything they can to protect their people and their resources. In Tips on Preparing for Disasters, Christopher Rourke shares why religious institutions have special needs and how risk identification, management and monitoring are essential.

In Mapping Assets Builds Resilience, Tamara Plummer writes about how the Episcopal Asset Map, a collaborative mapping project of Episcopal Relief & Development and the Episcopal Church, creates a more connected Church that can respond to disasters in the most under-resourced and unrepresented communities in the United States.

What is our first response when something terrible happens? In When Disaster Strikes, Sandra Montes presents her response, grounded in her faith, and shares those of many others, also asking – what helps you in the face of disaster? This article is available in English and Spanish.

Tragically, active shooter preparedness is something all residents of the United States would benefit to learn about. In Gentle as a Dove, Wise as a Serpent, Haley Bankey shares resources to help you navigate the difficult conversations that need to take place in order for your community of faith to be as prepared as possible, while still extending grace-filled hospitality to all who seek God’s love in your community.

In this season of Lent, Vital Practices brings you a collection of relevant resources from across our Church – access it here.

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Charis Bhagianathan
Editor, ECF Vital Practices

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