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September 9, 2021 Press release

New and enhanced fundraising resources now available from ECF


New York – September 9, 2021 – The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) is excited to announce a new low-cost self-service subscription site,, featuring a variety of new templated and downloadable resources for annual giving/stewardship, capital campaigns and planned giving. ECF will continue to expand and enhance all of these self-service tools in the months to come.

The Annual and Capital Campaign resources are a part of Episcopal Stewardship Navigator, a site created by a new collaboration between ECF and the Presbyterian Foundation. Planned Giving tools were developed from ECF’s popular online resources for Planned Giving on Demand which are all now included in this new comprehensive site.

The new site includes many downloadable templates of letters, spreadsheets and resources for conducting various types of Annual Giving campaigns and several resources to enable successful year-long Stewardship efforts such as narrative budgeting, calendar guidelines, document storage and much more.

The site also contains a new step-by-step, self-guided process for conducting a full Capital Campaign based on ECF’s time-tested three stage method Discern/Study/Ask, that has been used in hundreds of Episcopal parishes and entities across the country. The new site guides users through considering if they should seek a professional consultant or use the new process and downloadable tools for conducting a full capital campaign themselves.

ECF’s President Donald Romanik said: “We are excited to provide these helpful tools to all the congregations and institutions throughout the Episcopal Church. We are also grateful to our partner, the Presbyterian Foundation for sharing and adapting such an important stewardship resource. We look forward to other opportunities to work together for the sake of the Gospel.”

Presbyterian Foundation’s President the Rev. Dr. Thomas Taylor said: “Following our successful Donor-Advised Fund collaboration with ECF, we are pleased that we can now offer the useful tools of Stewardship Navigator for raising financial resources in the Episcopal Church as well.” The Presbyterian Stewardship Navigator system, launched in March of 2019, is now in use in over 1160 congregations in the Presbyterian Church USA.

Sign up now! Users will be encouraged to create one login per congregation and to pass on that login to future Stewardship leaders for retention of documents and continuity. (ECF Endowment clients will receive complimentary access to the new site.) A special subscription through December 31, 2022 is being offered at the normal annual cost of $99, or users may sign up for a monthly subscription at $10 per month. To find out how to qualify for the special subscription, email [email protected].

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