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January 6, 2021 News

Being Church In A Pandemic: January 2021 Vestry Papers

Dear Friends,

As we’re drawing close to almost a year of experiencing the most severe pandemic of our lifetime, what learnings have we gleaned as Christians during this time? In this issue, we bring you lessons and experiences from across the Church on how we are exploring, adapting and even transforming our ministry in the face of this most challenging period in our lives.

What is the value in acknowledging, tending to and addressing our weariness? In Acknowledging the Body’s Weariness, Lisa G. Fischbeck reflects on the first eight months of the pandemic, sharing how her church community found ways to support and lift up one another during this time.

Is your first virtual annual meeting coming up? In Annual Meetings Go Virtual, Greg Syler lists all the ways to embrace the positives of this format and make the most of this new reality as you plan your next online annual meeting.

One of the most ravaging effects of this ongoing pandemic is the exposure and creation of extreme financial vulnerability. In Financial Interconnectedness Amidst COVID-19, Miguel Escobar revisits history to reveal what it means to build meaningful relationships across the financial divide and lists practical steps for the modern Church to focus on economic justice. This article is available in English and Spanish.

What does leadership look like in a pandemic? In Leading In a Pandemic, Mary Kate Rejouis shares her personal experience of this time as priest and mother, focusing on three ideas – freedom, transparency and humility, and how they sustained her during this period.

How much has the pandemic altered how you worship and study and pray together? Possibly a whole lot. In Called To A New Land Susan Elliott interviews Julie Lytle who explains how being forced to rethink communications and community is a great and unexpected gift.

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Have a blessed New Year!


Charis Bhagianathan
Editor, ECF Vital Practices

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