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September 2, 2020 News

Stewardship and Abundance: September 2020 Vestry Papers

Dear Friends,

A global pandemic does not necessarily bring the words abundance, or even stewardship immediately to mind. How do we continue to give when it feels like there is nothing left? How do we give thanks when we ourselves may be struggling? What new things has this time revealed to us about sharing, gratitude and community? In this issue we share ideas that will help us think anew about stewardship in this changing landscape.

The notion of abundance and overflow is something we encounter often in conversations around stewardship. In Enough Love to Go Around, Jimmy Bartz asks a simple but transformational question: what if we focus on simply having enough?

What does stewardship look like in a pandemic? In Prayer and Action in a Pandemic, Jessie Alejandro shares how she and a group of faithful disciples mobilized an entire community to serve those in need, both in their immediate communities and beyond. This article is available in English and Spanish.

Stressed out at the thought of a stewardship campaign in the middle of a pandemic? In 12 Steps to Successful Stewardship, Carolyn Chilton breaks down some key stewardship concepts that are foundational and practical, especially in times of transition and disruption.

Navajoland has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, their infection and death rates amongst the highest in the country. In Abundant Love In Scarce Times, Gerlene Gordy describes how well-wishers from across the nation, Church and world responded to their crisis with love and generosity, caring for the people of this beautiful and rugged reservation.

ECF’s Finance Resource Guide (FRG) serves as a handbook for congregations and vestries, providing in-depth financial management practices and principles and promoting year ‘round, theologically driven stewardship. The Rev. Alison Harrity has shared her experience of using the FRG and how it helped guide ministry at St. Richard’s Episcopal Church in Winter Park, FL. Read her story, learn more about the FRG here, and purchase your copy today.

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Charis Bhagianathan
Editor, ECFVP

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